Why Choose Us

 Provides a large array of services and solutions, Upstream and Downstream Facilities, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Steel industry, Cement industry, Power Generations, LNG, LPG and industrial plants, to supports its clients to achieve business objectives and plans.

Is committed to add value to the client’s operations through seamless integration for our services with their plants to achieve production targets while complying with world class health, safety and environmental standards.

Has developed into one of the most senior in construction and plant services.

Is an EGPC investment company established at 2013 and recognized as the most modernized construction company in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.

Our Profile

Is involved in various stages of material procurement, execution and installation services, pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup plant.

Owns and operates the most advanced construction equipment in the market, working in the most hostile climatic condition, while adhering to the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

Looks forward to continue serving our old & new costumers by providing good quality service keeping all safety & healthy precautions according to environmental condition.



El-Soudi always aims for the highest quality through the Quality Control department.



To be a leading services and solutions company in Egypt, Africa and Middle East.



Localization, Ownership, Accountability and Customer’s gains.



To localize the advanced services, solutions and material by 2020.

Our Certificates

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El-Soudi always aims for the highest quality through the Quality Control department, which works by international Standards and codes for business to avoid any mistakes in Operating Future.

El-Soudi Will Continually Seek To Promote Its Plan Standards at all Stages of Construction Starting from The Initial Planning to The End of Construction.