West Assiut Power Station

Scope Of Work

  • Installation of pipes for Unit 1 & 2
  • Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
  • Installation and welding of CCM pipes
  • Installation and welding Steam Duct
  • Installation of piping supports
  • Testing and delivery works

EL-SOUDI Responsibilities

  • Provide full supervision
  • Provision of qualified manpower
  • Provide hand tools for all manpower.
  • Provide HSE and PPE.
  • Provide filler material for Welding joint and argon gases.
  • Provide all consumables.
  • Provide site office for stuff.
  • Provision of stores
  • Inspection quality control and inspection formats and manpower experience to undertake and monitor all QA/QC activation defined in this method statement and the company quality manual.